Tahitian pearls are most often referred to as black Tahitian pearls, because of the various beautiful dark metallic shades that they are available in. These beautiful pearls are not actually black, as their coloring can range from a metallic silver shade to darker graphite, with variations of overtones including purple, blue or green. The beautiful coloration of these pearls is produced from the natural coloration of the oysters that produce these lovely pearls. Tahitian black pearls make a lovely and treasured gift, since they are more precious than many other types of pearls. The oyster that produces these pearls was hunted almost to extinction, because of the beauty of its inner shell, but conservation efforts and pearl farming has since made these beautiful pearls more attainable once again. Although there are other varieties of black pearls in the world, true Tahitian black pearls are considered the most desirable because of their beauty. Tahitian pearls are available in many different types of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian pearl necklaces are available either as beautiful strands of pearls, or as pendant necklaces. The beauty of a strand of Tahitian black pearls is often thought to be unsurpassed by other types of jewelry, due to the luminous appearance and exotic coloration of the pearls themselves. A matching strand pearl bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to a strand pearl necklace. Tahitian black pearl pendant necklaces are available in a wide variety of styles, ranging from those which feature a single beautiful pearl, to those which incorporate several pearls within the pendant design, in addition to other gems such as diamonds. Tahitian black pearl earrings come in styles that range from simple studs to fashion earrings designed in a drop style or other types of fashionable settings.

There are also beautiful styles of Tahitian pearl rings. These rings are crafted in almost every fashion imaginable, due to the fact that they are such a desired piece of jewelry. Tahitian pearl ring styles include those that feature a single pearl, as well as those that are combined with diamonds to produce exquisitely beautiful rings.

When shopping for a Tahitian pearl, it can help to understand the overall grading attributes and the quality characteristics of these pearls. Many different features of the pearls factor into the overall quality grade, including their luster, size, shape and surface quality. While there is no internationally recognized grading system for pearls, there are two different lettering systems that are commonly used to grade  pearls. The first system, often referred to as the Tahitian System, ranging from A to D, is probably the most common system used in reference to these pearls. Pearls that are flawless on at least 90% of their surface are graded as an A. The other system sometimes used in reference to  pearls rates from AAA to A, with AAA referring to pearls that are 90% flawless. Either of these systems is considered correct in reference to Tahitian pearls, so when shopping for these beautiful pieces of jewelry, keeping both rating systems in mind will help insure that you get the best quality possible.

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